HOKA One One Hupana Review

Reviewed by Adella Jackson 12th January 2017

A step up in commitment levels to running and training properly after Christmas in readiness for a local half marathon (combined with a nagging doubt that my much loved fast and lightweight road trainers weren’t going to cut it beyond the 10k distance), happily meant that I could justify treating myself to a new pair of post Christmas trainers!

After much patient service from my local running shop DEKA, I settled on the recommended HOKA Hupana, a very new, supposedly responsive trainer, but with the extra cushioning necessary for distances of 10k and upwards.


My first serious try out was on the treadmill at home for a 5 mile interval session of varying speeds. Cautious that the new HOKA’s might not be up to the job, that they might further irritate my existing runners’ niggles (plantar fasciitis and runner’s knee) or worse still, slow down my session! I had my old faithful trainers on standby next to the treadmill, just in case.

I needed not have worried – I was blown away and completely taken aback by the performance of the HOKA Hupana. They felt super responsive to run in, very light and yet the extra cushioning meant that I hardly noticed any soreness in my right foot and better still less jarring through the knee.

Since that first session I’ve worn them regularly, three to four times a week, out and about and on long weekend training runs. I’m rarely troubled at all by my plantar niggles in these shoes, and have been able to steadily increase my mileage with the extra cushioning that I felt I needed. Occasionally I’ve had to take them on unplanned off road deviations for short distances and on slippery, muddy country lanes. Whilst the Hupana’s aren’t designed for trail running, every step in them on this terrain has felt secure and steady, and pleasingly I’ve not slipped or lost my footing once.

I continue to be flabbergasted as to how this trainer manages to be so lightweight, giving such a quick, responsive ride yet provides the superior cushioning needed for longer distances. I’m happily looking forward to doing all my training for the half marathon in two pairs of the outstanding HOKA Hupana and am comfortable in the knowledge that it’ll meet my cushioning needs and ride expectations for the increased training and longer distance with ease. Thank you DEKA for your help in recommending these gems to me 🙂


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